Mindful You
I've recently begun a meditation regime that has opened my eyes to a whole new state of being. It is giving me the tools needed to free my brain of a million simultaneous thoughts and concentrate on only one. When I meditate, I feel much, and my focus level is heightened.
The stress of everyday life can begin to take its toll on the mind and body. In my case, raising a family while trying to pursue personal goals sometimes causes me major anxiety.

And I'm not alone! According to a recent study, over 6.8 million adults suffer from some form of anxiety. And guess what ladies, we are twice as likely to be affected than men. With this in mind, we must begin to take inventory of our health seriously. I realized that I wasn't doing my family or myself a favor by neglecting it.

What is meditation though? Meditation involves sitting comfortably with closed or open eyes and focusing on your breathing, a mental image, or repetition of a single positive word or phrase. The goal is to keep your mind focused on the present and away from stressful or distracting thoughts. As your mind becomes calm, so does your body.

As with any new endeavor, it takes time to learn a new skill and meditation is no different. But through practice, you can build confidence in your ability. I've decided to take it slow and give myself space to progress at a speed that works well for me.

I found an app for my Android phone that offers meditation practices for free. I set aside a time each day to meditate. The app sends a daily reminder of my commitment while also providing guided breathing exercises and other helpful resources.
To kick off your own meditation journey, devote at least 5 minutes daily to it. Gradually increase your time each week until you can do 20 minutes daily. Believe me, you're going to love your results. If you happen to fall off of the horse a time or two, don't dread! You haven't lost any progress. Just hop back on, and keep riding! Your soul, mind, and body will thank you for it!

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