Simple Ways To Share Love All Year

With Valentine's Day and the month of February coming to a close, it made my heart sad to think that gestures of love will be forgotten until next year.
Then a better thought pummeled into my mind: How can I share love all throughout the year?
Love is not a once of year occasion made merely to satisfy the likes of Hallmark. Love is action and action occurs every single day. Love also holds a different meaning for different people. For example, some people may feel loved when they are accepted. And some may feel loved when you give them attention or forgiveness. Love can and should be expressed in many ways. I've compiled a small list of some to take advantage of.

Your time- Your time is valuable to you (believe me I know), but it's just as relevant to someone else. As humans, we are designed to be in fellowship with one another. When we neglect it, we suffer. Some, more than others. Who in your life can benefit from you giving them a good chunk of your time? Is it your kids or your spouse? A friend or an aging parent? Think of creative ways to spend quality time with the special people in your life.

Your Attention- Have you noticed, as I have, that over the years, my attention span has gotten shorter and shorter? With all the things thrown at my brain on the daily, it's hard to give one person or thing my full attention. Heck, I don't even give myself my full attention. But again, people seek attention like dogs chew bones....relentlessly! Don't believe me? Just check your social media feed. To curb this obsession, why not give your attention over to someone who needs it. The list of "Needies" can grow long. So limit it if need be, to the people most important in your life.

Your Forgiveness- Has anyone wronged you and you can't let them go? Forgiveness actually benefits the one offering it rather than the receiver. Think of it as a way to love yourself. I was once told that forgiving someone who hurt you is like dropping weighty bags that you've carried for a long time. It liberates you and allows you to move forward freely. Love yourself enough to lose those bags every day and forgive!

Your Appreciation- And last to round out my list,{but definitely not the least}, is appreciation. Everyone likes being appreciated for a job well done. It's hands down, one of life's greatest desires. When I'm appreciated, I feel loved and respected. It makes me want to do my job even better. And because I'm not a Martian, foreign to the understanding of humans, I'm sure there are others out there just like me.

So there you have it; My list of ways to show love throughout the year. I'm confident that if we apply at least one of these in our everyday lives, to our everyday relationships, love will shine through.

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