Everything You Need To Know About Mother's Day

With Mother's Day around the corner, many are wondering what to get their Mom for this special day. But some like my friend Anna, still ponder the “why” questions of that day like; ‘Why is Mother's day a day?’ And with the hectic job a mother goes through daily, ‘Why aren't we celebrating her every day?’

In light of these questions, I decided to do some digging on the founding of Mother's Day and some of the things Mom really wants as a gift.

 The start of Mother's Day has been claimed by many, but none captured the spotlight (or shall I say took) as Anna Jarvis. Jarvis, who never had children, went to great lengths to acquire and defend her role as “Mother of Mother's Day,” and to focus the day on children celebrating their mothers. She hated and fought against the commercialization of the holiday, working to protect it from "the hordes of money schemers." She also blasted, Frank Herron, another claimant, in an undated 1920's statement entitled “Kidnapping Mother’s Day: Will You Be an Accomplice?, because he was given the title “founding father’ of Mother's day. She was not happy with the thought of a man being the founder of a day focused on women. 

As stated, there were many who claimed the title as the founder of Mother's Day, but I chose to highlight the spunky character of Ms. Jarvis, who was an outspoken childless woman who left a legacy for herself through Mother's day. And though she battled to keep the day free from profit-making, she lost that battle to the powers that be. Hence our next topic- 'Gifts Moms Genuinely Desire on Mother's Day'. I've compiled a list that hopefully gets your gear tuned into Momma.

  • Time Alone-  Mom with smaller kids
  • Time with kids-  Mom with older kids
  • A handwritten note or card-  Personal feelings of who and what she means to you
  • Brunch-   Or Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; just give her a good meal!
  • Sleeping in or napping-    Leave her alone and let her rest😴
  • A clean house and or car-   Need I Explain?
  • No Feuding amongst children-    Zip it kiddos- not today!
  • A peaceful, relaxing day to enjoy being Mom.....Aagh sigh😏

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Happy Mother's Day

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